Jet fan SCF400

Jet fan SCF400

Intended use

The SCF type jet fans are intended to create a reliable and effective ventilation systems of large volume premises, while ensuring a high level of safety and smoke and hot gases removal in case of fire. The systems using jet fans are most often installed in tunnels, indoor car parks and garages. These systems have two functions:

Ventilation function

This function is carried out during normal operation of the system. The purpose of the system is to remove the harmful contaminants (such as aldehydes, oxides, etc.) which can occur in a garage. Appropriate location of the jet fans ensures air flow throughout the whole space, which eliminates the forming of so called „blind spots”, which could accumulate contamination.

Smoke control function

this function is carried out during the fire. In this situation, the purpose of the jet fans is to pump smoke and heat to the exhaust points, which allow their rapid removal from the protected space. The jet fan ventilation system while operating, restrains spreading of smoke and provides an access way for a fire brigade. After putting out the fire, the installation provides rapid purification of the space from smoke and fire gases. An additional advantage of this solution is reducing the temperature of smoke, which results in protecting the construction against the effects of excessive heat.


SCF type jet fans are basic component of the ductless ventilation systems. Use of them allows to achieve (depending on the degree of sophistication of automation) a number of significant advantages in comparison to conventional duct ventilation i.e.:

  • effective ventilation (air exchange not only within the ventilation grilles but in the whole volume f the space),
  • short response time to the fire alarm signal,
  • high effectiveness of smoke exhaust in the whole volume of the space, achieved in a short time,
  • easy installation,
  • easy adjustment of the system,
  • shortening the time of design and installation of the system,
  • lowering the costs of system implementation (no ductwork and components of its equipment),
  • lowering the operating costs (lowering the fans power consumption, adjusting the number of cycles to the actual demand),
  • increasing the volume of the duct-free space (obtaining the free space under the ceiling, which is usually
  • used to conduct the ductwork – the possibility of reducing the space height)
  • improving the appearance of the space.
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