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RVP-P - VAV regulators

RVP-P - VAV regulators

VAV regulators are used for automatic airflow regulation in the ventilation systems for both supply and exhaust/return.
They adjust the amount of supply/exhaust air to control the climate individually for every room/zone served. By using the control elements they can adjust accordingly to different heat gain / loses in the zones served with respect to amount of people gathered in the zone and also other factors such as heat gains and loses through the windows (sun loads).
RVP-P regulators may be produced in two types. In the standard version the regulator is applicable for use with clean filtered air and in the special type, regulators may also be applicable to work with contaminated air with light corrosive gases (according to Classification of Corrosive Environments ISO 12944
max. class C3).


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay RVP-P data sheet 604.27 KB 29.11.2016 Open Download
Declaration of conformity RVP-P / RVP-R 273.64 KB 29.11.2016 Open Download

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