RCP-P Constant volume regulator (CAV) for rectangular supply and exhaust ventilation ducts

RCP-P Constant volume regulator (CAV) for rectangular supply and exhaust ventilation ducts

The RCP-P CAV regulators are used for automatic constant air flow control in ventilation systems without external power supply. They maintain constant air volumes regardless of the changes of static pressure in the ventilation duct. A special version of the regulator made of AISI304 stainless steel can be ordered. The regulator can be used in both intake and exhaust ventilation ducts.

3 main features:

  • adjustment by means of a manual actuator
  • operating range: 2–10 m/s
  • operating pressure: 50–500 Pa

5 key benefits:

  • economical solutions for every construction project
  • can be applied in places with no power supply
  • simple change of parameters
  • high control precision – 10% (20% to 3 m/s)
  • class C air-tightness in accordance with the EN 1751 standard
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We offer a wide range of dimensions: 150–600 mm in width and 100–300 mm in height. Working temperature of up to 50ºC.

Standard regulators are made of tin-plated steel. However, it is possible to order stainless steel ones (AIS304).

Thanks to the intuitive adjusting mechanism, you can quickly and conveniently set any air flow value that the regulator is supposed to maintain.

The possibility of delivering the regulator with a 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC electric actuator is an additional benefit, which allows maintaining two selected flow rates.

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