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RVT-R VAV round variable flow regulator made of plastic

RVT-R VAV round variable flow regulator made of plastic

VAV variable flow regulator with a round section, operating from the flow rate of 1 m/s, equipped with an actuator and Venturi tube. Made of PVC or PPS, suitable for aggressive environment.

Intended use

VAV regulators are used for the automatic control of air stream flow in the mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning systems. RVT-R regulators may be manufactured in two versions in terms of the speed of operation. In the standard version, the time of clipping the regulator damper shutter is 150 seconds or in the fast version, it is 3 seconds.


The housing or shutter of the regulation damper are made of PVC or PPS. This regulator, according to PN-EN1751, has the air leakage class B1 (for Dn125 mm) or B2 (for Dn160-500 mm). The regulator with a proper actuator may be used in Smaylab systems.


Image File info Date Open Download
RVT-R data sheet 2Mb 05.01.2022 Open Download
Atest Higieniczny RVT-R 983.00 KB 29.11.2021 Open Download

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