WKP-P Multi-blade fire ventilation damper

WKP-P Multi-blade fire ventilation damper

The WKP-P-E-J and WKP-P-E-W fire dampers are used in fire ventilation systems to prevent the expansion of fire, heat and smoke.

The WKP-P-E-J and WKP-P-E-W fire dampers are used in fire ventilation systems to prevent the expansion of fire, heat and smoke.

WKP-P-E-J- fire damper

It is used in single-compartment fire ventilation systems, in horizontal ventilation ducts. The damper is used for extracting smoke and hot fire gases from rooms or smoke zones located in the same fire zone, at the same time maintaining fire resistance rating and/or smoke leakage criteria for the temperature up to 600°C. In the air supply systems the product is used for supplying fresh (without smoke) makeup air to the smoke zones located in the same fire zone.

WKP-P-E-W- fire damper

Used in multi-compartment fire ventilation systems. During the normal operation of the system, the isolating baffle of the WKP-P-E-W dampers is in the open or closed position. In case of fire, the actuating system opens the dampers that operate in the fire detection zone (dampers in other zones are closed).

The WKP-P-E damper are certified by CTO Gdańsk, Certificate of Constancy of Performance 2434-CPR-0015

The dampers are symmetrical, designed for installation in vertical building partitions (in walls). They may be mounted in rigid or flexible walls.

The dampers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the following standards: PN-EN 12101-8 “Smoke and heat control systems – Part 8: Smoke control dampers” and PN-EN 13501-4 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 4: Classification using data from fire resistance tests on components of smoke control systems.”

The effectiveness of the dampers is confirmed by tests according to PN-EN 1366-2 and PN-EN 1366-10 “Fire resistance tests for service installations – Part 2: Fire dampers, Part 10: Smoke control dampers.”

The WKP-P-E-W fire dampers are classified as tightness class C (housing tightness) devices on the basis of tests carried out according to EN 1751 “Ventilation for buildings. Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing of dampers and valves.”

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