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WKP-P Smoke control dampers

WKP-P Smoke control dampers

The WKP-P-E-J and WKP-P-E-W fire dampers are used in fire ventilation systems to prevent the expansion of fire, heat and smoke.

Classification of WKP-P-E-J Dampers in terms of fire resistance

The WKP-P-E-J dampers are classified in the fire resistance range indicated below and may be mounted in fire ventilation ducts.

E600 120 (ved -i o)S1000C300AAsingle

Classification of WKP-P-E-W Dampers in terms of fire resistance

The WKP-W dampers are classified in the fire resistance range indicated below and may be mounted in the following space dividers:

  • EI 90 (Vew -i ↔ o)S1500C10000AAmulti
  • EI 120 (Vew -i ↔ o)S1000C10000AAmulti

This class means that the automatically controlled damper installed in an isolating baffle keeps integrity, insulating and smoke leakage properties for at least 120/90 minutes; the class above also means that the damper can be operated remotely for at least 2 minutes from the moment of receiving the signal from the fire detector.

The WKP-P-E-W fire dampers may be installed in vertical space dividers with both horizontal and vertical axis of rotation of blades.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay WKP-P data sheet 1 MB 09.07.2019 Open Download
Installation manual WKP-P 1,5 MB 22.11.2019 Open Download

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