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The site in Września will become, next to VW Poznań, the second production centre for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Poland. It is a compound of single-storey buildings occupying 220 hectares. The production capacity of the new factory will be 100,000 cars per year. There is a great variety of power supply systems used by industrial facilities, which primarily results from different power consumption requirements, different power grid configurations, distance from a commercial power substation, as well as technical and economic feasibility of specific solutions. Particularly important for the safety of the site and people is the certainty that power will be supplied to fire safety equipment in a continuous manner.
Fire safety equipment power supplies by SMAY provide the relevant level of uninterruptible power supply reliability.
They are the perfect choice for continuous power supply.
SMAY was the first manufacturer on the market to meet not only stringent requirements imposed by Volkswagen engineers, but to ensure speedy supply of the fittings. The custom-designed ZUBR-series fire safety equipment power supplies were supplied for the facility, intended to work in smoke and heat control as well as fire alarm systems, and were provided with independent, separately monitored power feed outputs. The units are also used to supply power to isolation dampers and fire ventilation dampers, smoke ventilation windows, fire dampers, solenoid valves, electromagnetic door holders and gates. Full compliance with PN-EN 54-4 (Fire detection and alarm systems. Power supplies) and PN-EN 12101-10 (Smoke and heat control systems. Power supplies) was ensured, confirmed by Certificate of Constancy of Performance, and Approval Certificate for section 12.2 of Annex to Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 85, item 553).

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