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Visit us at FeuerTrutz 2020 #online Trade Fair

We would like to invite you to the fire protection trade fair, from 30/09/2020 to 01/10/2020. Over two days we will be discussing new investments, fire ventilation systems and solutions for effective smoke extraction in case of fire.

WARNING! Do you want to participate in FeuerTrutz 2020? Write to us! We have free invitations!

This digital event offers a typical combination of a trade fair and a congress as well as an attractive, direct platform to make contacts within the fire protection community.
The fair trade is a perfect opportunity to meet us and receive up-to-date information about current solutions and trends in the area of fire ventilation and smoke extraction systems, which make it possible to evacuate the building occupants safely in case of fire.

FeuerTrutz 2020 is an on-line event. During this event you can meet us live in various chat rooms.