The energy efficiency of the fan-motor-inverter unit, i.e. the highly efficient SMAY system with IE4-rated motor 

wentylatory osiowe SMAY z silnikiem IE4

The HVAC industry is facing changes. They concern the efficiency class of motors used in high-power fans. Although the EU Regulation includes 75-200 kW motors, at SMAY, we also offer an IE4 motor for SFL/M household appliances. How did we create a system with the highest overall efficiency and lowest power demand?  

Michał Ścierski

Manager for OEM products and Fans – SMAY

Changes in the HVAC sector – IE4 efficiency class motors

The HVAC sector is about to experience big changes in fan motors.
This concerns Phase 2 of Regulation (EU) 2019/1781, which establishes eco-design requirements for electric motors and infinitely variable speed control systems . This means that 75 kW to 200 kW motors will be required to have an IE4 efficiency class. Our JET FAN SEF(R) and SEF(U) large fans, which are primarily designed for tunnels, are already equipped with motors with a higher efficiency class in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Lower operating costs with more efficient axial fans

We are aware of the great responsibility of manufacturing companies with regard to sustainability, which is why we have introduced IE4-rated motors for SFL/M type household units, i.e. axial fans with higher efficiency. The EU Regulation does not impose such an obligation, but at SMAY, we use the latest technology developments to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and offer energy-efficient solutions for safe ventilation that significantly reduce operating costs.

E4 motor in SMAY axial fans

The SFL household fans operate in the power range allowing the continued use of the IE3 class, but at SMAY, you can already order fans with motors with a class higher than that imposed by the regulations. Our advisers will be sure to introduce you to the benefits of SMAY fans and help you significantly reduce your operating costs.   

SMAY fan with IE4 motor controlled by Danfoss inverter

There are many solutions available on the market related to fans, motors, and inverters. SMAY’s technical department has carefully selected the components of the fan-motor-inverter system so that each component has the lowest losses. This results in a system with the highest overall efficiency and lowest power demand and significantly reduces operating costs.


Smallest energy losses of system components

If you compare the technical solutions supporting exactly the same operating point of the unit manufactured by SMAY with other devices on the market, the conclusions are obvious – this is energy efficiency to match modern solutions. 

The fan-motor-inverter unit ensures high energy efficiency

The savings on the difference in power consumption alone are several times greater than the price of the products, so the illusory savings at the purchase stage actually represent the cost, which is the lost benefit of operating energy-efficient equipment.  

Compared to other offerings available on the market, SMAY’s high-efficiency axial smoke exhaust fan system with an IE4 efficiency class motor means:

  • Lower impeller power requirement – 21 kW;
  • Increased fan efficiency – up to 86%;
  • High inverter efficiency – 98%;
  • Reduced fan power loss – as much as 60% compared to similar solutions on the market.
  • Approximately 45,000 PLN in annual savings*.

*Calculated for 8,760 operating hours of a third-party/competitor fan.

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