Axial smoke exhaust fan SEF(R)

Axial smoke exhaust fan SEF(R)

Certified for compliance with fire resistance rating F400/120. 100% reversible solution – ensures the same performance in both directions – both air supply and exhaust. Type series available within a diameter range from 630 mm to 1400 mm.

Fire resistance rating:
  • F400 – fire resistance rating up to 400°C for 120 minutes
Operating parameters:
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Ability to work at a frequency of 60 Hz – enhanced operating parameters
  • Minimised pressure loss at the outlet due to the use of a diffuser
  • Low power consumption
  • Maximum motor power – 55 kW
  • Optimum efficiency up to 80%
  • Also available as a tunnel fan – JET FAN SEF(R)
  • Dual action operation possible (the fan can operate in domestic mode within the range of 15–50 Hz)

Please note!
SEF(R)63 and SEF(R)71 fans with certified 3000 rpm motors enable high performance parameters for installations with smaller duct or shaft cross-sections.


SEF(R) fans have housings made of galvanised steel with two screw-mounting feet. The housing is designed in such a way as to ensure the high rigidity of the system. The rotor crown is made of stainless steel and the blades are made of a high-strength aluminium alloy. All materials, parts and associated components conform to the relevant standards and directives. There are also certified accessories in the SMAY range, such as mounting feet, anti-vibration mounts, elastic connection pipes, intake nozzles, protection mesh, diffusers and attenuators.


SMAY fans can be mounted both vertically and horizontally while maintaining the certification of the units. This ensures greater flexibility when designing optimum solutions.

On the other hand, a junction box on the fan housing makes it possible to make electrical connections quickly and provides convenient access during servicing operations.

The fan has been designed and adjusted for continuous operation and is highly resistant to mechanical impact, corrosion, temperature and humidity. The motors are made in accordance with ingress protection rating IP55, holding insulation class H and utilise the IC418 cooling method.

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