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Casablanca Airport Morocco


Casablanca airport serves over 10 million passengers annually. It is precisely the fire safety of these passengers that is ensured by SMAY ventilation products. Casablanca Airport is the largest airport in Morocco, and we have provided our ventilation solutions there.

Casablanca Airport equipped with SMAY ventilation products

Casablanca Airport is the main international airport in Morocco and a key hub for Royal Air Maroc. The airport handles over 10 million passengers annually and serves as a hub for Morocco’s national airline. The airport has been equipped with SMAY ventilation products that secure the facility in case of a fire threat. We supplied our smoke control dampers (SCD), which protect the airport by rapidly removing smoke and gases generated during a fire. At the same time, the dampers can serve as ventilation and provide interior lighting.

SMAY smoke control dampers at Casablanca Airport

How do SMAY fire dampers ensure the safety of Casablanca Airport passengers? SCD smoke control dampers help maintain smoke-free evacuation routes, allowing for efficient evacuation and intervention by rescue services in the event of a fire. The role of the dampers is to remove heat generated during a fire, reducing the thermal load on the building’s structure and consequently minimizing material losses caused by the fire. Equipping Casablanca Airport with SCD smoke dampers from SMAY allows, among other things, to reduce the fire resistance class of the building, enlarge the permissible fire zone, and extend evacuation routes within the facility.

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