Car park ventilation. Bulwary Park protected by the ZODIC staircase smoke extraction system

Zdjęcie:; Bulwary Park, ul. Hetmańska 73 i 75, Rzeszów

Car park ventilation. About the project

The highest residential skyscrapers in Podkarpacie and eye-catching architecture. SMAY designed a fire protection system ensuring the highest level of safety for the Bulwary Park project. The complex was built at the corner of ul. Hetmanska and al. Powstancow Warszawy with quick access to the city centre.
Tranquillity, ecology and originality. These words describe in a nutshell the latest project that stands out above other buildings in Rzeszow. The Bulwary Park residential complex consists of two apartment blocks, each over 75 m high. The surroundings of this nine-storey complex consist of, among others, a theme park with over 300 species of trees and other plants, alleys leading to a relaxation zone, recreational areas, as well as paths for cyclists, runners and rollers, and a kayak harbour.
Other features of the project include a modern construction style, a high standard of finishing works, as well as air exchange in all weather conditions and reduction of loss of heat. Vehicle owners have a two-storey car park at their disposal. SMAY equipped it with its reliable Safety CarPark system.

ZODIC – safe vertical escape routes

Experienced SMAY experts equipped the complex with a complete ventilation system. They conducted sanitary measurements and smoke tests. Full assistance was provided during the National Fire Service acceptance and before CFD simulations for car parks and building facilities.

The ZODIC staircase smoke extraction system installed in the complex consists of a set of devices aimed at removing smoke and heat from vertical staircases. During a fire smoke extraction from the staircase is necessary to ensure effective and quick evacuation of residents from fire hazard zones. Highly qualified SMAY specialists equipped all staircases with a complete package of the ZODIC-M systems.

Allowing the escape routes to become covered with smoke may result in cutting off exits for people that are still in the building, and as a result – loss of health and life. The basic functions of the staircase smoke extraction system are smoke detection and signalling, staircase smoke exhaust, as well as comfort ventilation. Staircases were equipped with a system aimed at smoke ventilation with compensation air supplied mechanically.


Staircase smoke extraction system. Meet the requirements of current safety regulations by choosing ZODIC-M:
• Smoke extraction through forced mechanical flow of air through the staircase
• SCD-1-L smoke damper or CDH-F-L wall exhaust louvre as a smoke-extracting component
• Air compensation by means of mechanical air supply to the staircase at its bottom part
• Limited impact on smoke extraction efficiency of natural events driving the air and smoke flow.

How to protect a car park against fire? Safety Car Park ventilation system

Car parks located under residential buildings pose a particular threat. The source of fires may be a short circuit in the electrical system or the release of gas from a car equipped with an LPG installation. While the causes of fire may vary, an efficient installation of comfort and fire ventilation is necessary in order to prevent them.

Taking into account the size of car parks located on two floors of the skyscrapers, SMAY installed comfort and jet fan ventilation systems. The main purpose of these systems is to remove excessive concentrations of pollutants.

Car parks within the complex have been divided – with the use of smoke curtains and flame retardant walls – into two separate fire and smoke zones. Every level is equipped with a reverse flow system. This means that the air is extracted through a shaft located in the smoke control zone, where a fire has been detected. At the same time, fresh air is supplied through the second shaft located on the other side of the car park.

Engineers equipped the ground floors of car parks with seven SCF jet fans – four reversible and four unidirectional fans. The underground car park is equipped with seven SCF jet fans (four reversible and four unidirectional fans).

The Safety CarPark jet fan comfort and smoke exhaust ventilation also serves as a reversible system with two supply and exhaust points as well as technical rooms equipped with power supply units for fire safety equipment (ZUP) supplying all fans installed within the system.
Compensating air inflow for the storey is provided by the reversible and gravity systems. Two pairs of smoke exhaust fans are installed on the opposite sides of the car park.

Car park ventilation – five features of the Safety CarPark system:

• Safe evacuation from every part of the car park
• Safe evacuation from the smoke zone (moving to the staircase)
• Keeping the smoke in the given smoke detection zone or smoke zone for an appropriate time
• Safe evacuation from the neighbouring detection zones that are free of smoke.


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