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SDBP – Rectangular diffusers with perforated front panel

SDBP – Rectangular diffusers with perforated front panel

Ceiling diffusers SDBP are intended to use in low- and medium-pressure ventilation systems.

use to their design, those diffusers may be used for heating or cooling spaces with a height of up to 4 meters and a large variation in the temperature of the supply air and internal air (cooling at ΔTmax = 10K, heating at ΔT max = 15K). Depending on the version, diffusers may be used both for air supply (SDBPN) and air exhaust (SDBPW).


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay SDBP data sheet 1,5 MB 29.11.2016 Open Download
Akcesoria dla kratek i nawiewników 4 MB 27.06.2022 Open Download
SDBP Declaration of conformity 0.5 MB 30.09.2020 Open Download

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