RVP-P-SL VAV Rectangular Variable Flow Regulator for SmayLab Systems

RVP-P-SL VAV Rectangular Variable Flow Regulator for SmayLab Systems


VAV variable flow regulator with rectangular cross-section, operating from 2 m/s and equipped with the actuator and metering orifice. Specifically for the SmayLab system.

Intended Use

SL series VAV regulators are used for the automatic control of airflow in ventilation systems in laboratories and clean rooms covered by the SmayLab system. RVP-R-SL regulators can be made in two versions that differ in operating speed. For the standard version, the shift time of the controller damper is 150 seconds, while for the fast version it is only 3 seconds.


The housing and shutter of the control damper are made of galvanised steel sheet or, if a special order, of 1.4301 stainless steel. The blades of a multi-blade damper are made of aluminium or stainless steel. They are fitted with PVC sealing, which ensures tightness when the baffle is fully closed. The regulator, in accordance with PNEN 1751, meets the requirements of B2 (for A ≤ 250 mm and B ≤ 205 mm) or A2 (for A > 250 mm or B > 205 mm) air tightness class.

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Image File info Date Open Download
Smay RVP-P-SL data sheet 2 MB 09.03.2023 Open Download
RVP-P-SL – VAV regulator – REVIT 2.23 MB 16.10.2023 Open Download

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