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Poland’s most modern underground railway station will provide fast train connections between Łódź and the largest cities in Poland and Europe. A hub linking metropolitan and inner city railway, buses and private car transport. The railway station project transforms the image of both the city and Polish railways. Facilities like this one typically accommodate many people at a time, and if there is a fire threat, life and health hazards become imminent. Therefore, it was necessary to use appropriate fire protection and air exchange solutions.
Comprehensive fire and household ventilation in tunnels.
The project covers smoke extraction and air supply system for the railway station hall, the bus station hall, the multi-storey car park, the 2.2 km long railway tunnel, and the differential pressure system for stairwells. The scope of supply covered SAFETY WAY®, SAFETY CARPARK, SAFETY TUNNEL systems which, together with other SMAY-branded components, comprise the fire ventilation system for the entire facility. Throughout the project period, our company provided technical support, including CFD calculations to solve significant installation problems, and performed sound level measurements. The supplied fire ventilation systems and components can be regulated to precisely match the conditions at such a complex facility. The systems and their components included main fans, SCF jet fans (SAFETY CARPARK) and tunnel fans, fire safety equipment power supplies (ZUP – ZUBR), iSWAY devices, isolation and fire ventilation dampers (KWP), SDS silencers (for smoke ventilation) and system terminal units (grills, dampers, etc.) All contribute to higher human comfort and safety of the facility.

Used systems

Safety Way
The iSWAY-FC® product set is intended to generate and maintain positive pressure in protected spaces to prevent smoke accumulation.
Safety Car Park
The Safety Carpark System is intended for ventilation of large spaces of underground garages and tunnels.

Used products