The AFRISO office building Szałsza

The AFRISO office building


A modern approach requires innovative solutions. This is how AFRISO approached the creation of its new headquarters in Szałsza near Gliwice. The new AFRISO building has been equipped with energy-efficient solutions, innovative products and… the iFlow system from SMAY, which looks after the comfort of the users of the facility.

Employee comfort with iFlow from SMAY

Afriso’s new headquarters is a spacious office building located in Szałsza near Gliwice. The company is focused on innovative solutions, both design and product-wise. We are delighted to be able to say that in line with this, the company reached out to SMAY for its ventilation solutions. The main objective for the design of the new AFRISO building was primarily employee comfort – spacious office rooms, in which the iFlow individual ventilation system is responsible for maintaining the right amount of air and limiting the negative impact on the natural environment – the facility was equipped with energy-saving solutions and products created with sustainable development in mind.

SMAY ventilation solutions in AFRISO office building

At SMAY, we produce systems for various types of facilities. Our range includes both ventilation solutions dedicated to skyscrapers and products adapted for laboratories or hospitals. In this project, our on-demand ventilation system was installed – iFlow, which is ideal for office buildings. The system ensures the right amount of air is supplied, which increases the comfort of the users of the building and optimises operating costs.

Used systems

iFLOW - System for individual ventilation
SMAY Selektor - plugin for REVIT

Used products

STF-V - kratki wentylacyjne - 1