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Selection programs

The program allows the user to select the optimal swirl diffusers for a specific project in a simple and intuitive way. It includes products from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9 and NWM families offered by SMAY.

This tool does not require either registration or logging and is available in basic and advanced versions. The user can change the version of the program even during the selection process, without risking losing the already entered information (data entered into one version of the program is automatically loaded into the other one and it is enough to fill in additional information).

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  • automatic selection of the appropriate fan model based on the operating point,
  • all the necessary parameters gathered in one place,
  • dynamic charts,
  • the ability to generate selection cards directly from the program.
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The program allows for the selection of silencers and the comparison of parameters in a simple and quick way, even without the need to provide full data. The selection card generates the code for the silencer order. A simple interface allows you to download more selection cards, which automatically create a list with the quantities of a specific type of product.

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