The Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium Kraków

The Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium


The Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium in Kraków is a modern sports facility. Over 33,000 fans can watch games in comfortable conditions. The facility was given the ELITE status, which entitles it to host UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches.

The modernized Stadium of Wisła Kraków equipped with SMAY ventilation products

The modernised Stadium of Wisła Kraków was commissioned in mid 2023. The opening ceremony of the 3rd European Games took place at this venue. The investment, worth over 100 million PLN, has not only changed the appearance and comfort provided by the facility, but, most significantly, has contributed to the improvement of peoples’ safety and reduced the energy intensity of the building. The works included the replacement of ventilation fans.

Modernization of the smoke exhaust systems at the Stadium of Wisła Kraków

The scope of the works included the renewal of the stadium’s stands-façade and the overhaul of the HVAC system. The modernization of the smoke exhaust systems improved the facility’s energy efficiency using high-efficiency SEF(V)GV F400 fans by SMAY.

SMAY ventilation products at the Municipal Stadium in Kraków

Sports facilities serve to accommodate as many people as possible. Crowds come to the stadium to cheer on their favourite team. Ensuring fast evacuation in case of a fire emergency is an essential issue to guarantee the safety of the facility users. The modernization of the Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium in Krakow included a number of steps to improve its safety. It was SMAY’s products that were applied in the modernization of the ventilation systems.

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