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Safety Way



The iSWAY-FC® product set is intended to generate and maintain positive pressure in protected spaces to prevent smoke accumulation. All iSWAY-FC® units have compact structure, enabling quick access to the inner part of the device in order to carry out maintenance service. The units are provided with a rugged housing, resistant to adverse weather factors, and may be installed at virtually any location at the building, i.e. on the roof, in technical rooms, etc.

The purpose of the iSWAY-FC® unit is to generate positive pressure in the stairwell space, lift shaft or fire stop lobby, having a specific value relative to the fire-engulfed area. The iSWAY-FC® units can also be used to control pressure in the ducts supplying air to the enclosures, each having its own differential pressure sensor. The generation of the requested positive pressure, when the protected space is closed (typically ca. 50 Pa), and ensuring appropriate air flow speed through the open door connecting the protected and unprotected space (typically in the region of 0.75–2 m/s), prevents smoke and hot fire gas infiltration to the protected space. The air may be supplied to the protected space from a single air supply point, or from multiple points.


The primary component of the system is the iSWAY-FC® air supply unit. Its compact housing accommodates a fan, interacting with fire ventilation-dedicated frequency converter, equipped with a fire mode. When the mode is activated, the converter first supplies the fan according to the control signals sent to the converter, ignoring internal errors and power supply changes. The housing also accommodates the I&C cabinet and MAC-FC regulator, responsible for the control algorithm execution.

The control and signalling board is the component used for control and monitoring of the iSWAY-FC® equipment items. There are key switches on its housing to control the equipment, as well as controls indicating the equipment status, and a display showing current pressure values in the protected zone. For extensive systems (more than 6 units), a control board with equipment operation status monitoring (MSPU) is used. Monitoring is used for visualisation of operation statuses of the respective equipment items. The remaining system components include the P-MACF pressure sensor, MAC-D Min pressure regulator, and T-MACF temperature sensor.


The system components communicate over a special, two-way fireBUS loop. Even if one conductor is damaged, communication with all devices is maintained. In the monitoring mode, all system components are monitored (regulators, remote pressure sensors, etc.).

iSWAY-FC® is launched after receiving the relevant signal from the fire alarm system. The protected space is supplied with air by a fan with a frequency converter. The application of the frequency converter enables precise control of the motor’s revolutions, and thus the fan’s output rate. The control signal is sent to the converter by the MAC-FC regulator.

The regulation strategy relies on continuous measurement of the set value of static differential pressure between the protected and reference zone by the P-MAC(F). Based on those devices, the MAC-FC regulator adapts the fan’s rotation accordingly. If the door to the stairwell is closed, iSWAY-FC® supplies a small stream of air required to generate the requested positive pressure (typically 50 Pa). When the door opens between the pressure-protected and unprotected zones, iSWAY-FC® supplies an increased volume of air to the protected zone, ensuring appropriate airflow through the open door. After the door is closed, the stream is reduced accordingly. Changes to the air supply stream volume are made in less than 3 seconds.

  • Technical approval ITB AT-15-9020/2015
  • National declaration of conformity No 282/2013
  • Certificate of Conformity ITB-2189/W

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